M3 Insight University Program

M3 Insight University Program was developed by M3 Accounting + Analytics in partnership with the University of South Florida


M3 Insight is a web-based business intelligence software that has been implemented by more than a thousand hotels in the United States.
M3 Link seamlessly reports property management system (PMS), Smith Travel Research, guest satisfaction, and financial data in one place across different hotels.
The system reports real live data from 13 different properties across the nation.

The M3 Insight University Program allows students to see two sides of the hotel industry: hotel unit level and corporate level.
Using a real business intelligence application in the classroom provides benefits to students in two ways: it introduces students to the real world applications that they may be using once they graduate,
and it gives a change to reassure the topics learned in classes as software mirrors industry functions.


For any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Katerina Berezina.