Welcome to the website of the University of South Florida (USF) M3 Publishing. USF M3 Publishing is a service of USF M3 Center for Hospitality Technology and Innovation (M3 Center). The M3 Center was made possible by a transformational gift from Tampa businessman Mr. John McKibbon. USF M3 Publishing has been publishing academic books, proceedings, and journals on an open-access model. USF M3 Publishing does not charge any fees from authors or readers, thanks to the support from M3 Center and USF Library. In 2020, USF M3 Publishing acquired the publications under Association of North America Higher Education International (ANAHEI), a non-profit organization and continue publishing under USF M3 Publishing. 

USF M3 Publishing has published more than 30 books and academic reports. In addition, USF M3 Publishing publishes these open-access journals: Journal of Global Business Insights (JGBI)Journal of Global Education and Research (JGER)Journal of Mediterranean Tourism Research (JOMETR), and Journal of Global Hospitality and Tourism, 

The mission of the M3 Center is to enable and conduct rigorous academic research of significance to the global service industry including hospitality and tourism industries while serving as a critical reporting outlet and resource for educational tools and innovation, conferences, training, and forums for improving the connections between academia, industry, and the society at large.

Publications in USF M3 Publishing journals, books, and reports have been downloaded more than 600,000 times.

USF M3 Publishing welcomes authors and editors to submit books or journal articles.

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M3 Center publishes true open-access, peer-reviewed (double-blind), scientific journals. This means that it is 100% free to submit, access and publish academic papers in these journals.

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Renkli Kitap Dikenler

Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Information Technology Textbook

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Hospitality and Tourism Information Technology Textbook