Hospitality Tech Talk with Raman
(R.P.) Rama

Hospitality Tech Talk with Raman (R.P.) Rama

University of South Florida M3 Center proudly presents an interesting webinar on recent technological developments in hospitality by Raman (R.P.) Rama.

Raman P Rama is President of Sarona Holdings, a Hotel and Technology Investment Company, Former Partner and Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer/Chief Information Officer (CTO/CIO) of JHM Hotels, Greenville South Carolina, USA & Past President of HFTP (Hospitality Financial Technology Professionals (2012-2013) Recipient of 2016 CIO of India in Travel and Hospitality Industry, recipient of The Paragon Award highest award given by HFTP to Hospitality Industry Leaders for their contributions to the Hospitality Industry and HFTP. Recipient of AAHOA Family Hotelier of the Year and AAHOA/Red Lion Hotels Best Technology Innovation Award. Recipient of Global Most Valued CTO/CIO Award from China Hospitality Technology Alliance in Hong Kong. Recipient of Feelings Most Valued NRI from USA Award.